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My desire to become a physician grew out of my own personal experience as a patient. When I was a teenager, I noticed a lump on the side of my neck. My doctor ordered it to be removed and biopsied, and I was subsequently diagnosed with Type II Neurofibromatosis. The life-long course of treatment has included multiple surgeries as well as radiotherapies.

While the path I must travel to maintain my health has been, and continues to be, arduous, it has inspired me to seek knowledge. I have found comfort in gaining more understanding about the things that are going on in my own body. The teams of health care providers who treated me have been so caring, empathetic, and skilled that I decided to choose a profession that would allow me to have an equally positive effect on others. As I researched my condition in order to understand what was happening in my body, my passion to enter the medical profession flourished. My condition became a motivating factor in my life and served as the foundation for an enthusiastic pursuit of a career in medicine.

During my medical school rotations, meeting patients and working with them to improve their health was an amazing and rewarding experience. My experience as a patient has taught me how important consistent contact with a doctor can be. Through honest communication and compassionate contact, I hope to be able to provide a sense of understanding to my patients and shine some light to dispel the fear that comes from ignorance of one’s medical condition.

I have always found one of the most attractive elements of a career in medicine to be the chance to connect with others. The purpose of this blog is to connect those who are in search of answers with those who may have answers, and to provide a safe, judgment-free place to discuss and exchange medical knowledge. While none of the comments made in these pages are meant to treat or diagnose any disease or ailments, I hope that some additional knowledge will assist all visitors in posing the most useful questions to their primary care physicians.


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